What is a Mother Agent?

A mother agency is vital to success in the modeling industry. Like a mother, our job is to protect you and guide you down the right path for a long-term career. We work for you. with worldwide placement with booking agencies, we aim to project your personal brand to the next level.

How is a Mother Agent paid?

 We only make money when you make money. We never charge a model directly, and are always paid through your booking agencies. In most markets, agencies take 20% commission from the models earnings as a service fee.  The agency then pays the Mother Agent half of that, or 10%. Any mother agency or scout that charges upfront fees is a scam.

Does a mother agency guarantee worldwide placement?

Unfortunately, a Mother Agent can not guarantee that you will find an agency as sometimes the belief a scout has in a girl is not always seen by others.  But you can be guaranteed that if a Mother Agent believes in you and signs you, they will work hard to get you placed with the right people that believe in you the same way!

What are some things to expect from a Mother Agent?

  • Help develop the Model
  • Help the Model build a portfolio or testing book
  • At times book you in a local market to gain experience
  • Introduce you to the proper people all over the globe - people that you would not normally be able to get in front of if not for your Mother Agents contacts
  • Stay on top of your agencies to make sure that you are being promoted
  • Work with your agencies to make the right plan for your career
  • Help you organize your travel to various markets
  • Be there for you when you have questions or concerns